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My daughter & I had a great time during our visit to Texas, although the first couple of days were really hectic. My family isn’t happy if things are not chaotic, and believe me, at first, they were. We arrived about 6:30 p.m. on Friday. Before making it to my parents’ house, we made a rest stop about an hour away, which is where I took the photo of the soldier statue. I didn’t read the inscription, so I can’t say what it’s about. We also had a stranger take a photo of both of us standing by a large Texas-shaped stone, then we got back on the road again.

Friday night, we went to eat with my parents at Cracker Barrel. I hadn’t ever been before, and surprisingly, I liked it. We had a great waiter and after the traveling, it was good to sit down and eat something.

We spent the entire day Saturday taking my sister running around because her soon-to-be-ex-husband was out car shopping with my mom. They’re both truck drivers and were only going to be home until Sunday, so I ended up driving my sister around so she could get some stuff done. It was an all day event–one that left me frustrated and exhausted. That’s all I’ve got to say about Saturday.

Sunday, we got up and headed South towards Arlington to spend the day at Six Flags. I hadn’t been in years, and neither had my daughter. I have a niece and nephew who had never been so this was their first trip. We had a good group going: me, my daughter, my mom, my brother and his wife and their three kids, and some friends of theirs. We got to the park a little after noon, and it was already very hot. My daughter took off with two of her cousins, and I walked with the rest of the group. I hadn’t really had anything to eat or drink, and I lost track of time. Before I knew it, I was about to pass out, and the park paramedics came to where we were to take me to the infirmary. My mom went with me, and we were both thankful for it because of the air conditioning. It was so cold in there, I eventually ended up wrapped in a blanket. I ate a pretzel and drank some water, and about an hour later, my sister-in-law was calling my mom on the cell phone to tell them to come pick up my daughter because she wasn’t feeling well either. She and the boys had caught up with everyone else by this time. So, off the paramedics went to get my daughter. We all three stayed in the infirmary for another hour, waiting for time to pass and the sun to start going down. It’s actually funny now, and we did end up having a good time in the several hours we had left. One of my nephews, a baseball all-star, won my daughter a huge stuffed frog that she wanted before we headed to the front gate to go home. It was tiring, but it was all fun.


While standing in line to get some food, two little girls were in front of me counting their money. I figure they were probably 10 or 11ish. One of them said, “No, we can’t do that. We wouldn’t have enough money for tax.” I told them I’d give them a dollar to help them get what they wanted. They were shocked. “Really, you would do that?!” they both said amazed. “Sure,” I said, and they thanked me then told me they’d lost 10 bucks somewhere along their way. I was going to give them ten, but I only had a five, so I gave that to them. They were both amazed. I told them there was one condition with me helping them, and that was that they had to do something nice for someone else. “Oh, we will!” they chimed. Then when they got their food, they thanked me again. It was sweet.

On Monday, we were all too tired to do much. My daughter went to visit her biological father, and I took my youngest nephew and niece to play indoor putt-putt and to eat. Then on Tuesday, my mom, my daughter, and I went shopping. We were going to go back to KS on Wednesday, but we decided to go ahead and stay an extra day and head out on Thursday so we could get a good day of rest in and get our stuff together before we headed back.

It’s the first time I’ve ever driven the trip alone, and it was actually a fairly easy trip, one I’m sure my daughter and I will make again when my husband can’t go with us.

My mom has Zoe’s (our Boston Terrier) mother and brother. They’re both very loveable and really enjoy attention. They’re chubby lil’ things but so cute. We tried letting them both sleep with us one night. Sassy, the mom, did really well, but Hank, the brother, has a hard time breathing under the covers since his nose is pushed in a bit more. I eventually ended up taking him to the couch, where he and I slept just fine. He doesn’t like to have his picture taken, so everytime I tried, he turned his head.


I didn’t get any crocheting done, nor did I get to visit the yarn shops I wanted to. Things were always go, go, go, but just never in the direction I wanted to go. Ah, well, maybe next time.


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