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I’m such a dork-wad. I had a package to mail out today for a swap, and not having a box or envelope appropriate to mail it in, I went to Walgreen’s on my way to the post office. I used my arm as a measurement of the items (which were all bunched together in bubble wrap) so I’d know the size envelope/box I needed. I made my purchase, but much to my chagrin, when I measured the package, I didn’t take into consideration the bulkiness of it. Needless-to-say, it wouldn’t fit. Fine, I thought; I’ll just get something at the post office. Once there, of course, all of their inexpensive mailing items were gone, so I ended up buying a padded envelope with cute lil’ bears and flowers on it. My bubble-wrapped package fit in it perfectly, so I sealed it up and added my label. At the window, I learned I could mail my package using priority mail for just 10 cents more than it would cost to mail it standard. Thus, I could have used a FREE priority envelope instead of buying the one that was too small and the one that was overpriced because it had a print on it.

Oh, well. At least my swap partner will receive a pretty package!

I really think I’m going to stop swapping for awhile, unless it’s a personal swap. I spend too much time and money on them, and I usually run behind on my sending. It’s not that they’re not fun–because they are–I just think I need a break.



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Crochet Stitch Markers Pendant

A couple of posts back (here), I mentioned the items I made for a crochet swap I’m taking part in on one of the forums I go to. Yesterday, I received my items from my partner, and I have to say they’re pretty awesome.

My package included a neat little crocheted bag, just the right size for carrying the necessities, a cool t-shirt with a crochet hook skull transfer, a crochet magazine written in Spanish–a language I don’t speak, but it has charts, which my partner and I both are hoping I can decipher–, some great lil’ stitch markers in an Asian theme (pictured above), and four balls of size 20 crochet thread in yummy colors. There were also a couple of non-crochet related items: a handmade bar of soap and a great wire-wrapped pendant/necklace (seen above).

Crochet Swap

Now, I just have to wait for my partner to get hers. I hope she’s as pleased with it as I am with mine.

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Yay for Buttons!

Not only do I love to crochet, but I love to collect buttons. I have about 4 1/2 jars of the things, as well as some in a basket and a box, and the numbers seem to keep growing.

Recently, I participated and organized a swap for buttons lovers where each person was given 5 or 10 people (their choice) to swap 10 buttons with each. The ending result was 50 or 100 new buttons to add to their collection while passing on some from their stash to their partners. I received some great ones–some vintage, some modern, and even some made of polymer clay! There’s going to be other phases to this swap, created especially for button lovers.

Button Swap

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