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Yes, I know, I know–curiosity killed the cat. But I can’t help to wonder a couple of things.

For one, why do most LYSs cater to knitting and hardly ever mention crocheting? Don’t they know that crocheters love and use yarn, too? For me, if I walk into a yarn store that doesn’t have something more than yarn for a crocheter, I’ll walk out and buy nothing. I’d much rather save my money for some other place that doesn’t forget about the crocheters. Sometimes, I think some people just don’t get it.

Too, why does a person choose to knit over crocheting? Or for that matter, choose to crochet instead of learning to knit? Or not learn both? I can see why someone would learn both, but why is knitting the most popular these days of the two crafts, when both use yarn and both create some really awesome items?

For me, I was given an option to learn either. I wasn’t pressured into one or the other; my friend knows how to do both, and she gave me a choice. I chose crochet. Will I ever learn to knit? Maybe. I’m happy with my crocheting and there’s tons of patterns out there that I want to do. I may not be one of the “cool kids” but I really enjoy my craft.

My husband and I were talking about it the other night, and he said that perhaps crocheters are just happy with what they do and don’t have to do what everyone else is doing just because everyone else is doing it. That perhaps knitters just have to be “out there” taking part in what’s popular. He also said that if one talks to his mother that crocheting is still the craft of choice, and that most older women don’t knit, nor do they want to. Maybe that’s why knitting is chosen these days over crochet–people just associate crochet with the more mature group, and heaven forbid, yarn lovers should be called “mature”!


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Sadly, it’s true. All roads do seem to lead to Wal-Mart. No matter where you go, you can count on finding this store along your way–which in my opinion, isn’t necessarily a good thing. I don’t like the place. And I really don’t like seeing its buildings littering every highway I go down.

I’m really surprised at all the people who seem to think this store hung the moon. It may not be over-priced on many things, but you get what you pay for. And just because you get a bargain one day, doesn’t mean you won’t pay extra for something else later to make up for it.

Awhile back, there were rumors circulating that Wally World was going to close their craft and fabric departments. I think their yarn and fabric sections are not up to par anyway, but out of curiosity I wrote the company to find out if this rumor was true. Here’s the response I received:

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the fabric department in your local store.  In keeping with our emphasis on being a store of the community, Wal-Mart is converting the fabrics and crafts department in some stores to a newly expanded assortment of merchandise that focuses on life’s celebrations.  We are thrilled to offer our customers this exciting new crafts and celebrations center that makes available craft and party planning needs along with information on current trends and new ideas in the area of life’s celebrations, such as holidays, weddings and birthdays.

In those stores where the new crafts and celebrations center is placed, merchandise commonly referred to as ‘notions’ will be included in the product offerings – such as sewing machines, yarn, needles, thread, etc.  As a part of this conversion, most of our new and remodeled stores opening in early 2007, as well as a small number of existing stores, will feature the new crafts and celebrations center in place of cut fabrics. Wal-Mart will continue to carry cut fabric in most of our stores.  Due to the continued evaluation of our stores, we are unable to share a list of existing stores scheduled to receive the new crafts and celebrations center at this time.

Thank you,
Wal-Mart Customer Relations

I suppose if the only place I had to shop in my city for craft supplies was the Big “W”, I’d be concerned about the changes. But considering I have other craft stores to go to–not to mention I can get anything online that I could possibly want–I don’t see the changes being a major issue for me. There’s even a petition against the closings out there somewhere on the net. Makes me want to start my own petition against the place.

Personally, if I had my way about it, Wal-Mart would be banned or restricted in some way, shape, or form. But that’s just me. I’m not totally in love with the place…and I feel for the people who are.

…just my $.02 worth…

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I’m such a dork-wad. I had a package to mail out today for a swap, and not having a box or envelope appropriate to mail it in, I went to Walgreen’s on my way to the post office. I used my arm as a measurement of the items (which were all bunched together in bubble wrap) so I’d know the size envelope/box I needed. I made my purchase, but much to my chagrin, when I measured the package, I didn’t take into consideration the bulkiness of it. Needless-to-say, it wouldn’t fit. Fine, I thought; I’ll just get something at the post office. Once there, of course, all of their inexpensive mailing items were gone, so I ended up buying a padded envelope with cute lil’ bears and flowers on it. My bubble-wrapped package fit in it perfectly, so I sealed it up and added my label. At the window, I learned I could mail my package using priority mail for just 10 cents more than it would cost to mail it standard. Thus, I could have used a FREE priority envelope instead of buying the one that was too small and the one that was overpriced because it had a print on it.

Oh, well. At least my swap partner will receive a pretty package!

I really think I’m going to stop swapping for awhile, unless it’s a personal swap. I spend too much time and money on them, and I usually run behind on my sending. It’s not that they’re not fun–because they are–I just think I need a break.


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I went to a LYS today. Well, it’s really not all that local, but it’s one I’ve been wanting to go to, and I was in the area, so we stopped by. I wasn’t impressed. I mean, there were some really awesome yarns there, but unfortunately, there was very little that had to do with crochet, except a few books. There weren’t even any notions geared for crochet, nor any hooks. I asked the clerk for some assistance in yarn substitution, but she didn’t have a clue what to substitute. It was a bummer of a visit, and I left there deflated, with one brow raised in a quizzical manner.

I know so many people think that knitting is “all that” and such, but you know, it gets really annoying that crochet takes such a back burner to the k-word, especially when both crafts have some awesome patterns and both use yarn. So what! if one uses a hook and the other two needles. Crochet is by no means inferior to knitting–or to any other craft for that matter. It really makes me want to open my own yarn store and gear it more towards the crochet, without totally ignoring knitting, as so many yarn stores seem to do just that–except in opposite order.

Needless to say, I left the LYS without a purchase. I know that tomorrow I’m going to another one–one that I’ve visited before–and I also know that I won’t be disappointed.

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A Crocheter’s Rant

I finally did it. I made a trip to my LYS, only it’s not so local as being in my city–rather, it’s about 30 minutes away. When I first walked in, I was mesmerized by all the different yarns, some in a quality I’ve never seen before. I had to touch each one, then allow my mind to race through all of the projects I’ve ever wanted to complete, but was never able to find that “just right” skein of yarn that would warrant crafting the object. I was like a kid in a candy store, going around touching and feeling as many of the different fibers as my eyes were drawn to.

The prices were definitely not that of any of the craft stores I’ve been in around here–some were a bit pricey at $14.99 and up. I was able to find a few skeins in my price-range, however, to accommodate a couple of projects I’ve wanted to work on. I’d been looking for a good cotton or cotton/acrylic blend to make some face cloths with. I wanted something thinner than Lilys Sugar ‘n Cream, but something that was machine washable and dryable. I found it at this wonderful little store. I also purchased a fat skein of acrylic/washable wool blend to make some fingerless gloves with, as well as one other skein for another project. My total was more than the last 8 skeins of yarn I bought at Hobby Lobby, but was well worth it.

This store was wonderful. And I’ll definitely go again. If I don’t make the trip, I know I’ll at least order some yarns from their catalog, which the cashier gave me as I was checking out. I did leave with a bit of sadness, however.

As I was talking to the clerk about this being my first time in their store, I asked if they had a mailing list. The reply was “yes”, at which time I was given the form to fill out. After my name and address, there was a row of letters containing “K W S” and something else I don’t remember offhand, which represented the catagories a yarn addict would be interested in (Knitting, Weaving, Spinning–or something like that). “But where’s the ‘C’ for CROCHET?” I asked. “Oh, it’s lumped in with Knitting.” Bite your tongue, I thought. Even my significant other made a comment of how he gets scolded for lumping the two together. On the trip home, as I skimmed through their catalog, I was quickly reminded that knitting seemed to be the dominant “yarn sport”, and crochet was thought of as some kind of cheerleader–serving it’s own purpose but not really as noticed as the players on the field.

It’s not just the LYS that is like that. Just about anywhere you go, in person or online, knitting outweighs crocheting. There’s more t-shirts, more pin-backed buttons, more books, more web sites, etc that are geared for knitting than for crocheting. Why does it have to be that way? Why isn’t crocheting held up to the same standard as knitting? Especially when there’s actually more crocheters out there than knitters? Shouldn’t the two crafts been seen as individual entities? Granted, they both make great use of yarn and sticks (i.e. hooks and needles), and they both serve their purpose, but what about us crocheters who don’t knit and would like to be recognized for the craft that we do (that we do, and do darn well!)? No one, after looking at all of the great crochet patterns out there and seeing all of the great projects we continue to make, can say that crochet is just for grandmothers anymore. There’s so many awesome patterns out there, and even clothes patterns are becoming more and more available.

It’s true that in most cases crochet uses more yarn, which means we might spend a bit more to get the amount we need for any given project, so why not target us as an individual category of yarn buyers? Why use the “k” word to lump us all together? We both are special in the DIY world, so it is my proposal that we stand up for our own place in this realm. I think knitting is awesome, but it’s just not for me, and thus, I’d like to be recognized for the hook and yarn I tote around with me, and be asked, “Oh! What are you crocheting today?” rather than be thought of as a one-hookedneedle-knitter, which I’m not.
Is it just me, or do other crocheters feel this way? Why can’t we all just get along and be loved for our individuality? Apples are not oranges, nor are oranges apples, just as crochet is not knitting and vice versa. Nor is one fruit greater than the other, just as knitting is not greater than crocheting, or vice versa. I think it’s time that crocheting got the recognition it deserves, and the people who do it be seen for who they are.

I’m a darn Happy Hooker, and proud to be one!Crocheters of the World Unite! Stand up and be counted for the hook-and-yarn person that you are!

And to those who participate in both “sports”, I salute you.

:)Whew…now that that’s off my chest, I feel so much better!

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