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It seems to happen every summer. Well, I say every summer, but since I’ve only been crocheting for a year and a half, I can’t honestly say there’s a trend just yet. Still, it seems that during this time of the year, I become uninspired with my hook and yarn. I have things I want to crochet for myself, as well as things for charity and gifts, but I think Summer Fever has hit.

I went to Michael’s yesterday to get some of the yarn they had on sale, and I walked out of the store completely empty handed. Yep. Me. I actually walked out of a craft store without buying one single item. No yarn. No scrapbooking supplies. No beads. Nada.

I know I have a list of items to create, but all are kept mentally, which many times causes blockage for me when I’m shopping. I’ve decided that I need to go through some of my books & magazines, find those items I want to crochet and make the most, write them down along with the materials I need, then keep it in my wallet. That way, when I’m shopping, I’ll at least know what I need, and I won’t end up without a purchase just because inpiration didn’t strike.

As for what’s on my hook right now: I really, really, really need to get my Butterfly Shawl completed, especially since I’m testing the pattern. Having never filet crocheted before, it’s been a challenge, but also a great learning experience. That is my top priority as far as my crocheting is concerned. I also have a hobo bag that I started a long time ago which needs to be completed. I made a mistake in it and just haven’t taken the time to frog it to the point it needs to be in order to get a move on with it. Maybe once I get these two items finished–or at least the shawl–inspiration will return, and I’ll be ready to start a brand new project. I just need to figure out which one it will be.


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Annie’s Attic is having their Spring Clearance Sale, and I’m debating ordering a couple of the books listed, which brings me to the question: Can a person ever have too many crochet books? I’m starting to think so. I’m surrounded by patterns–patterns in books, patterns printed from the net, patterns in magazines, patterns in brochures. I have books with vintage patterns, books with modern patterns, books with patterns I know I’ll never make in this lifetime. When is too many crochet books really too…many…crochet…books? I think I actually have more titles than my local library ever thought about having. Maybe one day, I’ll go through them all and donate the ones I know I’ll never use, but then, I’m pretty picky about my books.

I have a book shelf now that is full of my novels and books on writing. (Yes, I aspire to be a writer one of these days, but that darn hook and yarn get first choice everytime!) And I have another shelf right now that is overflowing with all of my crochet books & magazines, as well as one shelf dedicated to my many jars of buttons.

Buttons and books.

I’ve about decided one can never have too many of both.

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