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Cute Stuff

Have you seen the really cute stuff over at Adorn Magazine on their web exclusives page? If you haven’t, skip on over there and take a look. There’s a couple of crochet patterns in the mix as well as a couple of knitted ones.

I really like the magazine, but admittedly, I haven’t always looked for it in the store. The only places I’ve ever been able to find it is Barnes & Noble and Joann’s, and last time I was at either place, I didn’t notice it on the magazine shelves. I think I’m going to search out the newest issue next time I’m out and about though. It seems to be geared towards that set of crafters that are younger than I am, but it still has a lot of great ideas.


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It’s Crochet Today!’s one year anniversary and to celebrate, they’re offering a free crochet cake pattern. You can get it here: Crochet Confection, but just be sure you have a program that reads PDFs since that’s the kind of file it is. It’s cute, but I’m not big on crocheting food items. I saved it to my crochet folder just in case, though.

So far, I’ve not missed one issue of this magazine. Not all issues were totally awesome, but I’ve really not been disappointed with any of them thus far. I don’t like receiving my subscription issue days–sometimes weeks–after the same issue hits the newsstand, however. My renewal is coming up, which leads me to debating whether or not to keep getting them in the mail late or hope that they get their mail service to deliver in a more timely manner. Thinking about it, I know I’ll probably renew. At least that way, I know I won’t miss an issue, even though I may get them late. This last issue was fairly timely, so maybe it’s something they’re working on.

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Crochet Stitch Markers Pendant

A couple of posts back (here), I mentioned the items I made for a crochet swap I’m taking part in on one of the forums I go to. Yesterday, I received my items from my partner, and I have to say they’re pretty awesome.

My package included a neat little crocheted bag, just the right size for carrying the necessities, a cool t-shirt with a crochet hook skull transfer, a crochet magazine written in Spanish–a language I don’t speak, but it has charts, which my partner and I both are hoping I can decipher–, some great lil’ stitch markers in an Asian theme (pictured above), and four balls of size 20 crochet thread in yummy colors. There were also a couple of non-crochet related items: a handmade bar of soap and a great wire-wrapped pendant/necklace (seen above).

Crochet Swap

Now, I just have to wait for my partner to get hers. I hope she’s as pleased with it as I am with mine.

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My issue finally arrived in the mail yesterday. What a bummer to know that it’s been on the shelves at just about every store I’ve walked in that carry magazines for about three weeks now. A call was made to the company about the late issue, with which the reply came “we’ll send another one”. I wonder if this is the “other one” or the first one that should have been here weeks ago. Anyway…

 There’s several patterns in this issue I want to try. I love the Butterfly Blankie, which I want to make for myself, even if it is meant for a kid. I love butterflies, and I just think this would be a fun blanket to have around the house. I’m going to try my hand at the Crochet Coasters, too. I’ve never done anything with resin, but I’ve wanted to, so this will be a good project to start with. And finally, I want to make a Rosebud Tote. It’s done in tunisian crochet–a technique I haven’t yet attempted. There seems to be a good tutorial in the magazine for it, and I have a couple of books that touch on the subject, so this is definitely on my ever-growing list of things to make.

I just wish my hands could crochet a little faster. That list just keeps growing and growing and growing…

Edit: The issue I got yesterday was the first issue; the issue I got today was the make up issue for not receiving the first one. Yes, now I have two…

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Interweave Crochet

I am so stinkin’ excited. I finally found the latest copy of Interweave Crochet, at Wally-World, of all places. I try not to shop there often, but I had to make a run this morning, and even though I’ve checked their magazines over and over for this issue, they didn’t have it–until today, that is! No one else in the city has had it so far. Believe me, when I knew this issue was coming out, I checked all over town. Why the excitement over it? Well, you can blame it on peer pressure. Many crocheters at both the ‘Ville and Craftster have talked about how great a magazine it is, and I just had to see for myself.

And I’m not disappointed.

Okay, maybe I am just just a wee bit disappointed. But not at the magazine. More at the fact that I really need to get some of my projects that I’ve been working on out of the way before I start anything new. Once I do that, I’ll need to figure out which project to start first. I saw several great ones that I would like to make. Will it be the Empress Baby Doll Top or the Spiderweb Cardigan? Or perhaps it’ll be the On The Go Bag, which I really need right now. There’s also the Flora Kimono, and I really think my mom would like the Weekend Jacket. Geez. And there’s still the hobo bag and the hat. I better get my fingers moving!

If you don’t have this issue and want to see more, you can check out the contents at their web site: Interweave Crochet Spring 2007 Table of Contents. Then go get the issue. I hope you’ll be as excited as I am.

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