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Road Trip

My daughter and I will be leaving tomorrow morning after we enroll her in school (wow, yes, it’s that time of year again!) for a road trip of sorts. My family still lives in Texas (I’m in KS), so we’re making the 7-8 hour drive to make a visit for a few days. This will be the first time my significant other isn’t going with us–he’s going to stay home and take care of  the dogs, house, and business–and this is the first time he won’t be the one driving. I think it’ll be a fun trip for my daughter and me to make; I just wish I’d actually done the driving a time or two so I’d be a little more knowledgeable of the drive. It’s a straight-shot for the most part; the only place I’m likely to have a problem is in Oklahoma City, but I’m aware of what I need to do to avoid missing my turn. Anyway, I’m looking forward to a girl trip and some time with my family, and my daughter is looking forward to actually doing something this summer before school gets underway.

We’re planning a trip to Six Flags on Sunday with my mom, my niece, and nephews. I haven’t been there in years! Last time I went, I skipped work to go with a friend and his daughter, and I’m here to tell you that paybacks are hell: I ended up with a cracked rib that was mistaken for a gallbladder malfunction. It was removed, and it wasn’t until a couple of weeks later when I was still in pain that I found out what the problem really was. And yes, it was caused by a roller coaster, I’m sure of it. I remember feeling the sharp twinge when the thing first took off. Anyway…I just hope the heat stays at bay that day so we’re not all too hot to enjoy it. And I do plan to stay away from most of the coasters. 😀 That’s really the only thing we have “planned” to do, although, my family isn’t the type to sit still, so I’m sure we’ll end up doing more running around than I really want to.

I’ve done some searching, and I’ve found a couple of yarn stores I want to visit while I’m in Texas. There’s one called “Fiber Circle”  in Farmersville, a small town near where I grew up. There’s also another one in Plano – “The Woolie Ewe” – that looks promising. I know there’s several others in the Dallas area, but I don’t plan to be driving that far into the state other than to make the trip to Six Flags, and I really doubt I can talk anyone else into making the drive with me, since I’m the only one in my family who gets excited about yarn. I know there’s a couple of others along the way before I ever even get out of Kansas, but I don’t plan to make the stops. Perhaps another time.

I’m hoping this will be a fun vacation. I’ll be taking three of my current WIPs with me so I can work on them when I get stressed (yes, my family stresses me…lol) and when I want to escape into my own little world. I may be on vacation, but my crocheting will just vacation with me, especially since I’ll be leaving my sanity (my SO) at home.

-a bird’s eye view of Six Flags-

I just had to try out the “Insert Map” function on my Windows Live Writer!


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Yes, I know, I know–curiosity killed the cat. But I can’t help to wonder a couple of things.

For one, why do most LYSs cater to knitting and hardly ever mention crocheting? Don’t they know that crocheters love and use yarn, too? For me, if I walk into a yarn store that doesn’t have something more than yarn for a crocheter, I’ll walk out and buy nothing. I’d much rather save my money for some other place that doesn’t forget about the crocheters. Sometimes, I think some people just don’t get it.

Too, why does a person choose to knit over crocheting? Or for that matter, choose to crochet instead of learning to knit? Or not learn both? I can see why someone would learn both, but why is knitting the most popular these days of the two crafts, when both use yarn and both create some really awesome items?

For me, I was given an option to learn either. I wasn’t pressured into one or the other; my friend knows how to do both, and she gave me a choice. I chose crochet. Will I ever learn to knit? Maybe. I’m happy with my crocheting and there’s tons of patterns out there that I want to do. I may not be one of the “cool kids” but I really enjoy my craft.

My husband and I were talking about it the other night, and he said that perhaps crocheters are just happy with what they do and don’t have to do what everyone else is doing just because everyone else is doing it. That perhaps knitters just have to be “out there” taking part in what’s popular. He also said that if one talks to his mother that crocheting is still the craft of choice, and that most older women don’t knit, nor do they want to. Maybe that’s why knitting is chosen these days over crochet–people just associate crochet with the more mature group, and heaven forbid, yarn lovers should be called “mature”!

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I had the opportunity to go to another LYS on Friday–one that I’ve been to before and that I really like. I didn’t buy anything, though, because I get in there and I lose all of my senses. On one hand, my mind does a flashback to all of the projects I’ve ever wanted to do but didn’t have the right yarn for, on the other hand, my mind starts thinking about what could be made with “this yarn, and this yarn, and oh! what about this yarn!” I really should make a list and keep it in my wallet so when I’m in the area & can visit the store again, I know exactly what I want need, without the distraction of what I could find a need for. I didn’t leave there totally without something, though. I talked to the sales lady about yarn substituting (meantioned in my previous post), and she told me what to look for. The yarn I need is a boucle–a word I didn’t even know how to pronounce until recently–and she didn’t have any in her store. I know Joann’s has one, which I’ve decided now to try for this particular project. If it turns out too large or too small, I know someone to give it to, so it won’t be a total loss if the yarn doesn’t work out.

I also went to the Half Price Book Store in search of some new crochet books. I was a little disappointed that there were only a handful of books on one little part of a shelf, while knitting took up three whole shelves by itself, but I tried to ignore that fact. I ended up with two books I’d been wanting, as well as three others to add to my collection. Two of the books were only $5.98, one was $6.98, and two others were only $7.98–not a bad deal if you ask me, especially since I couldn’t even get them on Amazon for that cheap. Then when I got home, another book I had ordered about a week ago was in the mail. So, without spending an arm (I couldn’t crochet without my arm!) and a leg, I added six new crochet books to my bookshelf in one day.

Felted Crochet by Jane Davis

So Simple Crochet by Melody Griffiths – The pattern I can’t seem to find a yarn to substitute for is in this book. See my review of it on my Book Shelf.

Learn to Crochet by Sue Whiting-not that I need to learn, but there’s a hat pattern in this one I want to try, and who knows when I might find an opporturnity to pass this book on.

Today’s Crochet-Sweaters from the Crochet Guild of America by Susan Huxley – I thought about joining the guild but haven’t yet.

Blue Ribbon Crochet, edited by Carol Alexander – I’ve seen many of the patterns in this book for free on Annie’s Attic pattern of the day.

Heirloom Crochet Treasures from The Needlecraft Shop – nothing but thread crochet in this one.

Now to figure out what projects will be next on my to-do list…

And I’ll update my Book Shelf as I have time.

Happy Crocheting!

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I went to a LYS today. Well, it’s really not all that local, but it’s one I’ve been wanting to go to, and I was in the area, so we stopped by. I wasn’t impressed. I mean, there were some really awesome yarns there, but unfortunately, there was very little that had to do with crochet, except a few books. There weren’t even any notions geared for crochet, nor any hooks. I asked the clerk for some assistance in yarn substitution, but she didn’t have a clue what to substitute. It was a bummer of a visit, and I left there deflated, with one brow raised in a quizzical manner.

I know so many people think that knitting is “all that” and such, but you know, it gets really annoying that crochet takes such a back burner to the k-word, especially when both crafts have some awesome patterns and both use yarn. So what! if one uses a hook and the other two needles. Crochet is by no means inferior to knitting–or to any other craft for that matter. It really makes me want to open my own yarn store and gear it more towards the crochet, without totally ignoring knitting, as so many yarn stores seem to do just that–except in opposite order.

Needless to say, I left the LYS without a purchase. I know that tomorrow I’m going to another one–one that I’ve visited before–and I also know that I won’t be disappointed.

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