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My Real Job

I really wish I could say crocheting and crafting is what I do for a living, but it’s not. I actually work in a home business of home design. I don’t draw the house plans, usually, although I help when I can. I have no idea how wide a wall should be, but I can tell you how far a commode has to be from the wall. The drawing of the plans isn’t my forte. No, instead, I am the official renderer of our business. I’m the one who gets to do all of the pretty lil’ 3D images of our plans when the need arises. It’s a sometimes tedious job since the computer doesn’t always want to cooperate and detail is often important, but I do enjoy playing with the program. Watching lines transpose to an actual image is always amazing to me. Below is a couple of examples of my work.

Many times it’s difficult for me to get my head into my work, especially when I have crochet projects and ideas always floating around. The program we use for the house plans can work for creating charts of images or patterns, if I ever decide to use it, so there’s a crafting advantage there. If I could make enough money to survive on crafting, I’d definitely do it, but at least what I do for a living allows for some creativity, too.


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Road Trip

My daughter and I will be leaving tomorrow morning after we enroll her in school (wow, yes, it’s that time of year again!) for a road trip of sorts. My family still lives in Texas (I’m in KS), so we’re making the 7-8 hour drive to make a visit for a few days. This will be the first time my significant other isn’t going with us–he’s going to stay home and take care of  the dogs, house, and business–and this is the first time he won’t be the one driving. I think it’ll be a fun trip for my daughter and me to make; I just wish I’d actually done the driving a time or two so I’d be a little more knowledgeable of the drive. It’s a straight-shot for the most part; the only place I’m likely to have a problem is in Oklahoma City, but I’m aware of what I need to do to avoid missing my turn. Anyway, I’m looking forward to a girl trip and some time with my family, and my daughter is looking forward to actually doing something this summer before school gets underway.

We’re planning a trip to Six Flags on Sunday with my mom, my niece, and nephews. I haven’t been there in years! Last time I went, I skipped work to go with a friend and his daughter, and I’m here to tell you that paybacks are hell: I ended up with a cracked rib that was mistaken for a gallbladder malfunction. It was removed, and it wasn’t until a couple of weeks later when I was still in pain that I found out what the problem really was. And yes, it was caused by a roller coaster, I’m sure of it. I remember feeling the sharp twinge when the thing first took off. Anyway…I just hope the heat stays at bay that day so we’re not all too hot to enjoy it. And I do plan to stay away from most of the coasters. 😀 That’s really the only thing we have “planned” to do, although, my family isn’t the type to sit still, so I’m sure we’ll end up doing more running around than I really want to.

I’ve done some searching, and I’ve found a couple of yarn stores I want to visit while I’m in Texas. There’s one called “Fiber Circle”  in Farmersville, a small town near where I grew up. There’s also another one in Plano – “The Woolie Ewe” – that looks promising. I know there’s several others in the Dallas area, but I don’t plan to be driving that far into the state other than to make the trip to Six Flags, and I really doubt I can talk anyone else into making the drive with me, since I’m the only one in my family who gets excited about yarn. I know there’s a couple of others along the way before I ever even get out of Kansas, but I don’t plan to make the stops. Perhaps another time.

I’m hoping this will be a fun vacation. I’ll be taking three of my current WIPs with me so I can work on them when I get stressed (yes, my family stresses me…lol) and when I want to escape into my own little world. I may be on vacation, but my crocheting will just vacation with me, especially since I’ll be leaving my sanity (my SO) at home.

-a bird’s eye view of Six Flags-

I just had to try out the “Insert Map” function on my Windows Live Writer!

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Mmm…Cake & Crafts!

My daughter is growing up. She recently celebrated her sixteenth birthday. We didn’t do any of the “sweet sixteen” stuff because she just didn’t want it. Instead, my sister and her husband sent her fifteen gorgeous red roses, with one white one to commemorate the year, and her step-dad and I bought her an iPod, took her out to eat, and celebrated with balloons and an ice cream cake. She and I also went to see “Hairspray”, which we both really enjoyed. Ah, and she also applied for her first job. She’s been volunteering at the library for about a year and a half now, and their entry level position is a book shelver. She got her birthday in just in time to make the deadline for applications. I really hope she gets it.

Speaking of “Hairspray”, in my opinion, it was a toe-tappin’ feel-good kind of movie. If you like musicals, I recommend it as one to go see. It was really hard for me to get over John Travolta being a woman, though. He did great, but I think I’d rather not known it was him so I wouldn’t have keep thinking that it really was.

Yesterday, I went to a friend’s house for what we call “Craft Day”. It’s just a time for a few girls to get together to craft, talk, munch, and have fun. I haven’t been to one in forever, so it was really good to get out and be around a couple of other crafty chicks for an afternoon. We looked through books and magazines, crocheted, ate homemade salsa and tortilla rounds (recipe to follow), and talked up a storm. Too, I helped the other two learn to crochet with wire, which was fun. It’s kinda ironic in a sense: One friend I was teaching was actually the person who first taught me how to crochet. The student becomes the master. Then, I sat and watched in awe as a baby blanket was made using a knitting machine. Once it was up and going, the blanket was made in a very short amount of time and turned out really cute. Eventually, I’ll probably learn to knit from this group, but I’m in no big hurry. I have too many crochet projects I want to do still; although, I’d really love to learn to knit just so I could make lingerie. I got a little more done on my daughter’s spirit blanket; I’m hoping to finish it soon, although I’m not all that far with it. I’m still working on my butterfly shawl, which I really do want to finish–and will–just a matter of time.

And speaking of time…
Wow! Where does it go?!

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Grandmother’s Buttons

my late grandmother

She isn’t the one who taught me to crochet. Nor did I get my collection of buttons from her. I didn’t inherit my yarn stash from her, nor did she teach me to sew. Yet, she seems to be the driving force behind much of my creativity.

My grandmother on my dad’s side of the family was killed in a car accident the year I was born, so I never had the chance to get to know her. From what I understand, however, she was a very wonderful person, one who was as creative as I am, and probably the one I got my “creative gene” from.

If the stories ring true, my grandmother was a crocheter. It’s something I truly wish had been passed down to me by her, but at least it’s something I can say she and I both shared in. I’d really like to see some of her works if they still exist, although I know my dad doesn’t have any of them. I don’t know much else about her, other than she loved horses, and she was a good woman.

I’m always interested to hear others’ stories about how they learned to crochet or knit and about where their button collections come from. I wonder if people who had their grandmothers pass down their recipes, buttons, crafts, sewing knowledge, and such realize the treasures they have, both materially and in the memory box.

It took me years to realize what I’ve missed out on. I have a daughter of my own, and I’m thankful to say that these things she won’t have to miss out on from her mom. Nor will her kids. Right now, at sixteen, she’s really not interested in learning much from me, but I hope one day, even if she doesn’t get into that creative crate I’m in, she’ll remember the cookies, that large jar of buttons, and the many hours sitting in my chair crocheting. It’s things I look forward to passing on.

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Around the Block Afghan

We spent our Memorial Day weekend in St. Louis visiting family. I didn’t get any crochet in, which is fine by me, considering I sat up until 1:30 a.m. the night before we left to get this afghan finished so I could give it as a gift to one of my husband’s daughters who recently got married. This is called the Round the Block Afghan and is alot like a giant granny square, with a lacy edging separating each color. It’s from the book 24-Hour Crochet Projects.

I also gave his other daughter, who is expecting her first baby, the baby items I’ve made her so far. (more…)

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I’m such a dork-wad. I had a package to mail out today for a swap, and not having a box or envelope appropriate to mail it in, I went to Walgreen’s on my way to the post office. I used my arm as a measurement of the items (which were all bunched together in bubble wrap) so I’d know the size envelope/box I needed. I made my purchase, but much to my chagrin, when I measured the package, I didn’t take into consideration the bulkiness of it. Needless-to-say, it wouldn’t fit. Fine, I thought; I’ll just get something at the post office. Once there, of course, all of their inexpensive mailing items were gone, so I ended up buying a padded envelope with cute lil’ bears and flowers on it. My bubble-wrapped package fit in it perfectly, so I sealed it up and added my label. At the window, I learned I could mail my package using priority mail for just 10 cents more than it would cost to mail it standard. Thus, I could have used a FREE priority envelope instead of buying the one that was too small and the one that was overpriced because it had a print on it.

Oh, well. At least my swap partner will receive a pretty package!

I really think I’m going to stop swapping for awhile, unless it’s a personal swap. I spend too much time and money on them, and I usually run behind on my sending. It’s not that they’re not fun–because they are–I just think I need a break.


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No Crochet Today

At least not this morning…

It rained all through the night–sometimes heavy, other times not so heavy–and the thought of flooding never crossed my mind. I got up like normal, was headed to the basement to get some clothes out of the dryer, and I was met at the bottom step with water up past my ankles. Large plastic storage containers were floating around, so I turned around and headed back upstairs to wake my husband. I also got my daughter up so she could get ready for school, not knowing they even cancelled that today. Seems even the neighbors had flooded basements as well. What a mess.

After chasing around town for a pump, my husband came home with one. Then the draining of the basement began. Now I’m told there were some dryer sheets plugging up the drainage hole at the bottom of the basement. So…was it the rain’s fault…or the launderer’s fault? Maybe it was a bit of both. Anyway, the forcast calls for more rain over the next couple of days, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

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