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Road Trip

My daughter and I will be leaving tomorrow morning after we enroll her in school (wow, yes, it’s that time of year again!) for a road trip of sorts. My family still lives in Texas (I’m in KS), so we’re making the 7-8 hour drive to make a visit for a few days. This will be the first time my significant other isn’t going with us–he’s going to stay home and take care of  the dogs, house, and business–and this is the first time he won’t be the one driving. I think it’ll be a fun trip for my daughter and me to make; I just wish I’d actually done the driving a time or two so I’d be a little more knowledgeable of the drive. It’s a straight-shot for the most part; the only place I’m likely to have a problem is in Oklahoma City, but I’m aware of what I need to do to avoid missing my turn. Anyway, I’m looking forward to a girl trip and some time with my family, and my daughter is looking forward to actually doing something this summer before school gets underway.

We’re planning a trip to Six Flags on Sunday with my mom, my niece, and nephews. I haven’t been there in years! Last time I went, I skipped work to go with a friend and his daughter, and I’m here to tell you that paybacks are hell: I ended up with a cracked rib that was mistaken for a gallbladder malfunction. It was removed, and it wasn’t until a couple of weeks later when I was still in pain that I found out what the problem really was. And yes, it was caused by a roller coaster, I’m sure of it. I remember feeling the sharp twinge when the thing first took off. Anyway…I just hope the heat stays at bay that day so we’re not all too hot to enjoy it. And I do plan to stay away from most of the coasters. 😀 That’s really the only thing we have “planned” to do, although, my family isn’t the type to sit still, so I’m sure we’ll end up doing more running around than I really want to.

I’ve done some searching, and I’ve found a couple of yarn stores I want to visit while I’m in Texas. There’s one called “Fiber Circle”  in Farmersville, a small town near where I grew up. There’s also another one in Plano – “The Woolie Ewe” – that looks promising. I know there’s several others in the Dallas area, but I don’t plan to be driving that far into the state other than to make the trip to Six Flags, and I really doubt I can talk anyone else into making the drive with me, since I’m the only one in my family who gets excited about yarn. I know there’s a couple of others along the way before I ever even get out of Kansas, but I don’t plan to make the stops. Perhaps another time.

I’m hoping this will be a fun vacation. I’ll be taking three of my current WIPs with me so I can work on them when I get stressed (yes, my family stresses me…lol) and when I want to escape into my own little world. I may be on vacation, but my crocheting will just vacation with me, especially since I’ll be leaving my sanity (my SO) at home.

-a bird’s eye view of Six Flags-

I just had to try out the “Insert Map” function on my Windows Live Writer!


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Mmm…Cake & Crafts!

My daughter is growing up. She recently celebrated her sixteenth birthday. We didn’t do any of the “sweet sixteen” stuff because she just didn’t want it. Instead, my sister and her husband sent her fifteen gorgeous red roses, with one white one to commemorate the year, and her step-dad and I bought her an iPod, took her out to eat, and celebrated with balloons and an ice cream cake. She and I also went to see “Hairspray”, which we both really enjoyed. Ah, and she also applied for her first job. She’s been volunteering at the library for about a year and a half now, and their entry level position is a book shelver. She got her birthday in just in time to make the deadline for applications. I really hope she gets it.

Speaking of “Hairspray”, in my opinion, it was a toe-tappin’ feel-good kind of movie. If you like musicals, I recommend it as one to go see. It was really hard for me to get over John Travolta being a woman, though. He did great, but I think I’d rather not known it was him so I wouldn’t have keep thinking that it really was.

Yesterday, I went to a friend’s house for what we call “Craft Day”. It’s just a time for a few girls to get together to craft, talk, munch, and have fun. I haven’t been to one in forever, so it was really good to get out and be around a couple of other crafty chicks for an afternoon. We looked through books and magazines, crocheted, ate homemade salsa and tortilla rounds (recipe to follow), and talked up a storm. Too, I helped the other two learn to crochet with wire, which was fun. It’s kinda ironic in a sense: One friend I was teaching was actually the person who first taught me how to crochet. The student becomes the master. Then, I sat and watched in awe as a baby blanket was made using a knitting machine. Once it was up and going, the blanket was made in a very short amount of time and turned out really cute. Eventually, I’ll probably learn to knit from this group, but I’m in no big hurry. I have too many crochet projects I want to do still; although, I’d really love to learn to knit just so I could make lingerie. I got a little more done on my daughter’s spirit blanket; I’m hoping to finish it soon, although I’m not all that far with it. I’m still working on my butterfly shawl, which I really do want to finish–and will–just a matter of time.

And speaking of time…
Wow! Where does it go?!

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Since I finally got some photos taken of my WIPs, I thought it was time to make a post to my blog. That darn Ravelry is getting all of my attention these days, it seems. (Yes, without it, these photos wouldn’t even be available yet, since I was able to add these to my project folder there.) Even my WIPs are begging to be worked on once again. But in all honesty, the weather doesn’t do a lot to encourage me to play with thick yarn.

I started this shawl awhile back as a pattern tester. It proved to be a larger project than I had expected, so now that the pattern is being sold, I’m just doing it as part of a CAL instead. Well, I’m doing it because I really want to see the ending result even though I’m behind on the time limit for getting it done.

shawl - a WIP

The colors are black and silver, and I love how it’s turning out. I just wish I’d gotten it finished sooner. Ah, well, at least I’m still working on it.

black 'n goldMy most recent WIP is a school spirit blanket for my daughter in her school colors. I have the yarn. Yep. Black and Gold. I’m using a pattern that I’ve used before which uses 2 strands of yarn held together. Normally, one should be varigated and the other solid, but I tried that and the gold showed up way more than the black, so I’ve decided to do a striped one. I’ll use two strands of black until the skeins are used, then do a gold stripe, then another black. Then I’m debating on putting black & gold tassles on the ends. I don’t like tassles much, but my daughter seems to want them. We’ll see how it goes.

Hobo BagNext we have the dreaded hobo bag. This bag was supposed to be my tote for spring, so I started it way back in March. It was going fine until I realized I did part of it wrong, and I just haven’t taken the time to fix the mistake. Of course, I could just keep going and pretend like it’s not there, but I don’t want to, so maybe I’ll get it done in time for it to be next year’s spring bag.

I have other projects I want to do. I’m planning to crochet a sweater for a KAL/CAL in the near future, and there’s that ever-growing Christmas gift-giving list I need to work on, and will, just as soon as I get a chance.

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Around the Block Afghan

We spent our Memorial Day weekend in St. Louis visiting family. I didn’t get any crochet in, which is fine by me, considering I sat up until 1:30 a.m. the night before we left to get this afghan finished so I could give it as a gift to one of my husband’s daughters who recently got married. This is called the Round the Block Afghan and is alot like a giant granny square, with a lacy edging separating each color. It’s from the book 24-Hour Crochet Projects.

I also gave his other daughter, who is expecting her first baby, the baby items I’ve made her so far. (more…)

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High Hopes

My 15-yo daughter actually picked up a crochet hook this evening and had me show her how to hold it and the yarn. She did a bit of a chain then one row of single crochet. Hey, that’s a start!

 She’ll do anything to get out of going to bed…lol.

 Actually, she and I both started learning to do crochet at the same time just a little over a year ago. She caught on to the chain and sc before I did, but she quickly lost interest in it and forgot it. I continued on with it, and now it’s just a part of who I am. I’m hoping she’ll want to learn some more, although I’m sure tonight was just a fluke. But who knows. Guess we’ll see!

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