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Annie’s Attic is having their Spring Clearance Sale, and I’m debating ordering a couple of the books listed, which brings me to the question: Can a person ever have too many crochet books? I’m starting to think so. I’m surrounded by patterns–patterns in books, patterns printed from the net, patterns in magazines, patterns in brochures. I have books with vintage patterns, books with modern patterns, books with patterns I know I’ll never make in this lifetime. When is too many crochet books really too…many…crochet…books? I think I actually have more titles than my local library ever thought about having. Maybe one day, I’ll go through them all and donate the ones I know I’ll never use, but then, I’m pretty picky about my books.

I have a book shelf now that is full of my novels and books on writing. (Yes, I aspire to be a writer one of these days, but that darn hook and yarn get first choice everytime!) And I have another shelf right now that is overflowing with all of my crochet books & magazines, as well as one shelf dedicated to my many jars of buttons.

Buttons and books.

I’ve about decided one can never have too many of both.


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This past weekend, I spent some time going through my closet, sorting through clothes I haven’t worn in forever. I bought some new clothes recently, and it’s usually my policy that when I get something new, I discard something old. One of the items I got rid of was a dress that I’d had for at least 10 years. It wasn’t ugly, but it was kinda kitschy, and I knew I wouldn’t wear it anytime soon. Being the button collector that I am, I decided to remove the buttons from it and keep them for myself. When I began snipping, I heard something jingle in one of the pockets, where I found four coins: a half dollar, a Susan B Anthony dollar, a Canadian nickel, and a very old coin from 1944. My husband seems to think it’s an old war coin, but I’m not sure. I’ll do some research on it when I get a chance and see if I can find out anything.

As seen in the picture, it says “ONE CENTAVO FILIPINAS” on the front and “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1944” on the back.

EDIT: I found some information about it here: U. S. Coinage for the Philippines

old coins

The buttons I kept are plastic, but pretty.

buttons I’m sure I’ll eventually find a use for them; until then, they’ll make a nice addition to the collection I have.

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Yay for Buttons!

Not only do I love to crochet, but I love to collect buttons. I have about 4 1/2 jars of the things, as well as some in a basket and a box, and the numbers seem to keep growing.

Recently, I participated and organized a swap for buttons lovers where each person was given 5 or 10 people (their choice) to swap 10 buttons with each. The ending result was 50 or 100 new buttons to add to their collection while passing on some from their stash to their partners. I received some great ones–some vintage, some modern, and even some made of polymer clay! There’s going to be other phases to this swap, created especially for button lovers.

Button Swap

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