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I’m very excited to announce that I’m finally in my new place, although I still have some moving to do. No, I didn’t move physically, but my crochet blog is finding a new home, as mentioned previously. Thanks to the knowledge and helpfulness of Daisy, my transition has been a great deal easier. She’s definitely my hero of the day!

This will be a step at a time process for me. I have all of my posts on my new site, although a few of my comments didn’t make the trip, and I’m still working on getting my blogroll moved. It looks like I’ll be adding the links one at a time, unless Daisy & I figure out some way to do it in one big swoop. I’m still tweaking my page, too. I haven’t decided completely on a template yet (I may ask my readers for some help on that one), although I do like the one I’m using. I can foresee me learning some good ol’ CSS in the near future to help make this even easier for me. I still have widgets to move, too.

As time goes on, you’ll see less evidence of me here, and everything will be directed to my crochet’s new blogging home. The name has even changed, but I want to make sure everyone has time to make the necessary changes on their own blogs and get the feed changed to reflect the new address. I don’t plan to completely delete this blog–at least not for a long while–since there’s some information here that I know other’s have linked to their own sites. I definitely want to give everyone time to adjust to the move.

With this, I plan to make my web site a little more user friendly. I have ideas for the direction I want to go with it all, not just my crochet, but my creativity in general, and as I said before, it’ll be a step at a time process. My goal is to have a fully functional web site by Spring of 2008. My blog will remain the blog everyone has come to know, so really the only thing that is changing about it is the name and location, although, I will be able to add some other features to it that I couldn’t before.

Without further ado, here’s my new address: http://www.shadetreearts.com/crochetblog/ – The new name will be Shade Tree Crochet, “Hookin’ Under the Shade Tree”. To change it on your blogroll, just use Shade Tree Crochet for short. ūüôā

Get ready. This is just the beginning. Some good things are coming.


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My blog is about to change.

For several years now, I’ve owned a domain name that has gone from an e-zine to a photo storage to a front page for the work I do when I’m actually working. Recently I added a photo album so I’d have a place to keep up with all of my family photos besides Flickr. And with Ravelry working on a way to add photos with just a URL, I know I’ll access my own domain more and more.

With that, I’ve decided I want to move my blog over to my domain as well. I have big plans for my crocheting as well as some other ideas, and what better place to get them all started than to give them a home on a domain name I own? With the merge, the name of my blog will eventually change as well. “iCrochet” really isn’t all that unique, especially since Leisure Arts has a book series out with that name. At the time, though, it worked for me…and still does…but eventually I’ll want all things I do creatively to be on my own site.

I’ve been trying to make the move for about 24 hours now, but I’m obviously doing something very wrong. Lucky for me, Daisy over at Knotty Daisy has offered to help me, so hopefully I can get this ball rolling. (See? Ravelry isn’t just yarny things–it’s people helping people in other areas, too.)

I’ll make a post when I get everything working just right. In the meantime, you can catch me “hookin’ under the tree”. ūüôā

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Something New

I downloaded the Windows Live Writer to try for posting to my blog. Why? Because of the power of suggestion. I saw it being talked about on one of the WordPress links–the stats for June, I think it was. Anyway, I like the idea of not having to access my browser to make some of my posts. So far, it seems okay, although it takes awhile to load on my computer. Since this is my first post using it, I’ll have to wait until after I hit submit to know how well it works, so stay tuned for an edit!

Edit:¬†Seems¬†to¬†work¬†just¬†fine,¬†although¬†I¬†haven’t¬†checked¬†out¬†all¬†of¬†its¬†features¬†just yet.¬†I¬†think¬†I’ll¬†keep¬†it¬†though–at¬†least¬†for¬†now. Something I notice, however, as I’m editing this post in WordPress rather than with the writer: My lines aren’t wrapping around automatically as I type. It’s no big deal, but it is a minor annoyance.

Something else I did to enhance my online experience was download the Opera web browser. I found the link here on WordPress as well after clicking on that browse happy link on the dashboard page. So far, I like it better than IE, other than the fact that I can’t get my QuickTime to work in it. I’m going to keep working on it.

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