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Annie’s Attic is having their Spring Clearance Sale, and I’m debating ordering a couple of the books listed, which brings me to the question: Can a person ever have too many crochet books? I’m starting to think so. I’m surrounded by patterns–patterns in books, patterns printed from the net, patterns in magazines, patterns in brochures. I have books with vintage patterns, books with modern patterns, books with patterns I know I’ll never make in this lifetime. When is too many crochet books really too…many…crochet…books? I think I actually have more titles than my local library ever thought about having. Maybe one day, I’ll go through them all and donate the ones I know I’ll never use, but then, I’m pretty picky about my books.

I have a book shelf now that is full of my novels and books on writing. (Yes, I aspire to be a writer one of these days, but that darn hook and yarn get first choice everytime!) And I have another shelf right now that is overflowing with all of my crochet books & magazines, as well as one shelf dedicated to my many jars of buttons.

Buttons and books.

I’ve about decided one can never have too many of both.


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Around the Block Afghan

We spent our Memorial Day weekend in St. Louis visiting family. I didn’t get any crochet in, which is fine by me, considering I sat up until 1:30 a.m. the night before we left to get this afghan finished so I could give it as a gift to one of my husband’s daughters who recently got married. This is called the Round the Block Afghan and is alot like a giant granny square, with a lacy edging separating each color. It’s from the book 24-Hour Crochet Projects.

I also gave his other daughter, who is expecting her first baby, the baby items I’ve made her so far. (more…)

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I recently borrowed 100 Purses to Knit & Crochet from the library, thinking it would have just a few crochet patterns and a multitude for knitting. Instead, it was just the opposite, with 75 of the patterns being crochet. (Makes me wonder why they didn’t call it 100 Purses to Crochet & Knit instead. Doesn’t it ever make you curious why the “k” word always seems to take first place?) I like many of the patterns in it, and plan to make a couple before I have to return the book.

Too bad I don’t knit, because I actually like more of the 25 purses in that category than I did of the 75 that are crochet.

With all of my book reviews, I sound like a crochet-book-whore sometimes, don’t I? Guess in technical terms, that makes me a crochet-book-hooker. Heh.

Actually, I just love books. And I love crochet. So books on the topic end up constantly on my shelf, right along with some of my other favorites.

Speaking of which, the library is having an adult reading program this summer, where every five books read and logged will get one entered in a drawing for three different gift baskets. I’m hoping it will encourage me to read more. Currently, I’m reading The Sunday List of Dreams by Kris Radish. I’m just not as far into it as I want to be, but I’m trying to finish up two crochet projects that have time limits on them. So many books & patterns and so little time…

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New Books

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Annie’s Attic recently had a book sale. Being a sucker for crochet books at a good price, I took advantage of the sale and bought the three titles shown above.

 Crochet for Caring & Sharing is my favorite of the three. It has a lot of nice patterns in it for great gift giving ideas, as well as patterns I’d make for myself. There’s a section for “Seniors”, which I like, because I’ve been wanting patterns for lapghans and such to make for the nearby nursing home. There’s also a wheel chair bag, and a couple of other things. From hats to mittens, afghans to lapghans, babies to adults–this book has a lot to offer.

On the other hand, Crochet with Bits & Pieces has a lot of patterns, but many of them are fairly “tacky” looking in my opinion. There’s a few patterns I really like, several more I really don’t like, and a handful I think I could alter into something better. Too, the title may say “bits & pieces” but from what I’ve seen, most of the projects require more than a “bit” of yarn, and there’s several that are made with a cording I’ve never bought or used before. I was thinking it would be a good book for using up scraps, but now that I’ve looked through it, I’m not so sure.

Crochet Boxes & Bowls is more of a pamphlet than a book, with six different container designs, all of which I would make given a reason or need to.

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. One can never have too many crochet pattern books laying around!

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This past weekend, I spent some time going through my closet, sorting through clothes I haven’t worn in forever. I bought some new clothes recently, and it’s usually my policy that when I get something new, I discard something old. One of the items I got rid of was a dress that I’d had for at least 10 years. It wasn’t ugly, but it was kinda kitschy, and I knew I wouldn’t wear it anytime soon. Being the button collector that I am, I decided to remove the buttons from it and keep them for myself. When I began snipping, I heard something jingle in one of the pockets, where I found four coins: a half dollar, a Susan B Anthony dollar, a Canadian nickel, and a very old coin from 1944. My husband seems to think it’s an old war coin, but I’m not sure. I’ll do some research on it when I get a chance and see if I can find out anything.

As seen in the picture, it says “ONE CENTAVO FILIPINAS” on the front and “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1944” on the back.

EDIT: I found some information about it here: U. S. Coinage for the Philippines

old coins

The buttons I kept are plastic, but pretty.

buttons I’m sure I’ll eventually find a use for them; until then, they’ll make a nice addition to the collection I have.

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I’m such a dork-wad. I had a package to mail out today for a swap, and not having a box or envelope appropriate to mail it in, I went to Walgreen’s on my way to the post office. I used my arm as a measurement of the items (which were all bunched together in bubble wrap) so I’d know the size envelope/box I needed. I made my purchase, but much to my chagrin, when I measured the package, I didn’t take into consideration the bulkiness of it. Needless-to-say, it wouldn’t fit. Fine, I thought; I’ll just get something at the post office. Once there, of course, all of their inexpensive mailing items were gone, so I ended up buying a padded envelope with cute lil’ bears and flowers on it. My bubble-wrapped package fit in it perfectly, so I sealed it up and added my label. At the window, I learned I could mail my package using priority mail for just 10 cents more than it would cost to mail it standard. Thus, I could have used a FREE priority envelope instead of buying the one that was too small and the one that was overpriced because it had a print on it.

Oh, well. At least my swap partner will receive a pretty package!

I really think I’m going to stop swapping for awhile, unless it’s a personal swap. I spend too much time and money on them, and I usually run behind on my sending. It’s not that they’re not fun–because they are–I just think I need a break.


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Marbles Wire Crochet Bracelet – Tutorial/Pattern

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