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Mom’s Doily
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Lately, I’ve been so busy with rather large projects that I was in the need to actually complete an item, so I found this doiley to make for my Mom in the Dreams & Wishes I got from Annie’s Attic. It was really quick and easy, so I ended up making two. It’s actually been a couple of weeks since I completed them, but I had some photo problems, which are worked out now.

I also made Mom and angel to match these, which I’ll post when I get the photos taken.

It felt good to actually finish a project, but I’m getting closer to finishing my larger projects everyday, which will feel even better, I’m sure.


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There’s nothing quite like trucking right along on a project, getting so close to being 1/3 of the way finished, then realizing you did something totally wrong many, many rows back. That’s what happened to me recently on one of my projects. I was on row 30 of 103 when I decided to look over the special notes for the pattern again. Mind you, I had read the pattern several times before starting the project, but I guess this particular stitch just didn’t click into my mental crochet brain. It was then that I decided to rip out the stitches all the way down to row 10. Finally, I could fix the problem.


For some reason, the stitch was still giving me fits. I was definitely doing something wrong. This time, instead of frogging it, I decided I was just going to start completely over. My SO suggested I just toss the messed up piece in the fireplace — which *gasp* I did.

What a relief!

Having that dreaded disaster behind me, I started over. This time when I got to the first of this special stitch I was supposed to be doing, I paid more attention, did a bit more counting of my stitches, and YAY for me, I finally got it right. I’m so excited.

Now, I’m nearly caught back up to where I was before I starting frogging the first time. Let’s hope I keep the crochet part of my brain in the loop so I don’t have to start all over again.

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